A Sterling Silver Wine Funnel Set London 1978.

A Sterling Silver Wine Funnel Set London 1978.

SKU: LJ0273

A very smart looking wine funnel with its own dish to stand on. Made in London and hallmarked in 1978. The wine funnel opend into to pieces so you can place the mesh inside. Both pieces are Hand engraved with a very grand engraving of a Unicorn.


Condition: Very good no damage.



Height: 12.7cms.

Diameter: Wine funnel top 8.5cms, Dish 10.3cms.



Weight: Dish 74 grams, Funnel 99 grams.



Linda Jackson
Linda Jackson

A Art Deco Silver And Peach Coloured Enamel Dressing Table Birmingham 1936.Jar



 A Silver and Enamel Dressing table jar in a beautiful Peach color. The lid has a Sun burst design with a Art Deco shape to the centre and was made in Birmingham and Hallmarked in 1936.


Condition: Very Good Enamel and Glass. The lid is silver gilt inside with some scratches.



Height: 5.3 cms.

Diameter: Base 10 cms, Lid 8.3 cms.


Weight: Silver Lid 87 grams, with Glass 326 grams.