A Very Pretty Silver Slatted Serving piece Sheffield 1905.

A Very Pretty Silver Slatted Serving piece Sheffield 1905.

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A very pretty Silver serving piece with many uses from serving tomato to small Fish. The server has a slatted plate area for sliding underneath food to serve it. The handle has a very pretty design on the front side with a flower motif and the server is plain on the back. Made in Sheffield and Hallmarked in 1905.


Condition: Very Good.



Width: Serving plate 4.6 cms, handle at widest part at the top 2 cms.

Length: 15 cms.


Weight: 24 grams.



Linda Jackson
Linda Jackson

A Art Deco Silver And Peach Coloured Enamel Dressing Table Birmingham 1936.Jar



 A Silver and Enamel Dressing table jar in a beautiful Peach color. The lid has a Sun burst design with a Art Deco shape to the centre and was made in Birmingham and Hallmarked in 1936.


Condition: Very Good Enamel and Glass. The lid is silver gilt inside with some scratches.



Height: 5.3 cms.

Diameter: Base 10 cms, Lid 8.3 cms.


Weight: Silver Lid 87 grams, with Glass 326 grams.